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The GreenRay Micro Inverter Advantage


The most important component in GreenRay's AC module system is the one the customer will probably never see: it’s lurking behind the solar panel in a small enclosed box - - the photovoltaic micro inverter. This has traditionally been built using electrolytic capacitors. 

The solar power industry knows that the life of the micro inverter is the life of an AC Module , and given the tendency of electrolytic capacitors to leak, that lifetime has been historically limited to a decade and a half at most. We know that inverters have always been the weakest link in solar panel technology. But not anymore!

Revolutionizing the Micro Inverter

Leapfrogging current technology, our micro inverters serve the same function as always, but never leak, never dry out, and never fail. That's because GreenRay uses proprietary technology instead of electrolytic capacitors.  

GreenRay's micro inverter design uses a different energy storage approach that has been put to the test over the last decade. GreenRay also designs our micro inverters with extra head room for higher currents and voltage to ensure long life, using only the maximum quality components with higher ratings than required. GreenRay goes the extra mile so that our micro-inverters can go the extra decades.
Proven Reliability

In house and third party testing and experiments have found GreenRay's technology to have 3 times the lifespan of the micro-inverters currently on the market. In the Phoenix climate, for example, panels using GreenRay's micro inverter technology should last 50 years, or more. In Boston, 100+ years.

GreenRay is confident that our product has unprecedented reliability – which is essential for viability in today's booming solar panel market. Replacing the micro inverter is difficult and costly for installation professionals, and, consequently, to customers. As a result, AC module manufacturers have always sought the most sophisticated micro inverter technology, to ensure that the real power behind their solar panels was built to last.   

GreenRay is committed to providing that reliable, top-quality power to the solar industry with our groundbreaking micro inverter.