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SunSine AC Module

Simpler, More Reliable Solar. Energize your home or business.

GreenRay’s Ultimate All-in-One Solar Solution is a fully integrated Plug and Play PV system that incorporates the separate components of today’s systems (PV Module, Microinverter, Mounting, Monitoring) into a single package for your home solar energy system.


GreenRay's AC Module System dramatically simplifies design and installation, making it the best solar energy system you can buy for your home or business. That’s because each GreenRay AC Module is an independent building block, with all of the components integrated at the factory – virtually eliminating the design task. The modular AC solar panels safely plug together with quick-connect AC cables and drop into a specially designed roof mount. With 40% fewer components, simpler mounting, easier wiring, installation time is cut in half!

  • No system design – all components are integrated
  • 40% Fewer components to install
  • Simple, quick mounting – no rails
  • Safer for installers and firefighters – De-energized wiring
  • No dc to ac inverters to mount and wire

More Reliable

By eliminating the weak components used in conventional inverters, and monitoring each module independently, the SunSine® AC Module System maximizes reliability – as proven through accelerated stress tests. GreenRay’s inverters have 3X the life expectancy of today’s inverters and match the warranty of solar modules.  Performance is also monitored and easily accessible via any web-enabled device, reducing downtime and maintenance. 

  • 3x longer inverter life
  • Reduced down time and maintenance
  • Web accessible Module level monitoring

More Powerful

With GreenRay, you can expect to generate 5% to 25% more energy annually than typical solar systems, where a single underperforming panel or faulty inverter can bring down the entire system.  Each SunSine® AC Module operates independently.  As a result, energy losses from soiling, shading, and module mismatches are minimized, while energy production is optimized.

  • 5-25 % more energy produced
  • Max Power Point tracking of each Module
  • Fewer wiring losses
  • Reduced impact of shading, soiling

More Flexible

Do you want to fill your roof space or meet your budget? Use as many or as few modules as you want or need on different surfaces of your roof. Since each GreenRay AC Module is an independent operating AC system, any number of AC Modules can be installed to create a system of virtually any size.

  • Modular and scalable home solar energy system
  • Start small and add more modules over time
  • Easy to use on split orientation applications

SunSine200 AC Module Datasheet
GreenRay Mounting Solution Datasheet