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How it Works

Each SunSine AC Module collects sunlight and converts it into AC electricity. This electricity is then fed into your home electrical distribution panel supplying power for your home. Any electricity from your home solar panel that your home doesn't use is sent to the utility.
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How to Buy

GreenRay supports a diverse network of renewable energy equipment installers and retailers in the US. Our network of partners represents the highest credentials and capabilities in the field of solar system sales, home solar panels and installation.

How GreenRay Stacks Up

  • Fewer parts
  • Fewer installation steps
  • More reliable
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Our Products

The SunSine AC Module is the world's first solar appliance and the Ultimate All-in-One Solar Solution, Our fully integrated Plug and Play PV system incorporates the separate components of today’s systems (PV Module, Micro-inverter, Mounting, Monitoring) into a single package for commercial and home solar panels.
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"The mounting system and frame are excellent and will significantly reduce installation time and the number of tools and parts needed for home solar panels & commercial solar panels.  This alone makes your design desirable.  It is the AC module features however which make the most sense to my firm and my customers, and I believe to the widespread adoption of PV technology."
Chris Derby Kilfoyle
Berkshire PV Systems, Adams, MA